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KungFu Benny

Shadows Deeper Than Water

Shadows Deeper Than Water

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For the first time, we really have a clear close look at the eyes of the infamous Creature from the Black Lagoon. The images we've seen before were blurry, or from a distance. Those images show a piercing, unblinking glare, cutting through murky depths.
But here, when we really see his eyes close up, they seem agitated, puffy, and painful. Almost like they aren't designed to be amphibious. They seem so weak and vulnerable, a critical flaw in the design of the armor.
Then, the realization begins to set in that murky depths are not his cozy home. Perhaps, the water is the only place that he can hide from the humans that mercilessly attempt to take his life anytime he surfaces. It hurts to hide but he must.
The extraterrestrials' landing sends the humans fleeing, and the Creature instinctually feels it is safe to surface. Perhaps, he ponders, if the humans fear them as they do I, then they are friends."

Creator IG: @kungfubennydrewthat

Print without frame 8.5 x 11

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