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Wenny Vinyl

Untitled Burden ~ Wenny Vinyl

Untitled Burden ~ Wenny Vinyl

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Hi I’m Wenny, a local artist to Louisville, I love creating characters within an ecosystem I have created called the burden barnyard. Many have yet to be named and much more has yet to be introduced, however this been created to spotlight mental illness and behavioral patterns that affect us as individuals and myself daily.

As much as any great story there comes a conflict, and the burden barnyard must face against Neptune and their Neech, these negative leech and anthropomorphic entity who latch onto the barnyard in hopes to bring down all the burdens for good.

In this long journey Farmer Harley is there to look after the burdens and reaffirm them to a path of success and show them that Neptune may have been in our head all along.

Creator IG: @WennyVinyl 

4x4 Original Acrylics and Markers on canvas 

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