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KungFu Benny

Missing Links Trip-Tych

Missing Links Trip-Tych

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Many say the purpose of art is to serve as a snapshot of our time. This piece is comprised of three portraits of well-known outcasts, or monsters, in a continuation of their stories in our current era.
In 2023, when these pieces were created, there appeared to be more evidence of extraterrestrial visitors than ever before so I decided to depict each iconic monster in the very moments that extraterrestrial visitors landed on our planet.
In story-based pieces like these, I feel a sense of interaction with the audience by painting just enough of a story to provide clues, but leaving just enough room for the audience to imagine what the story could mean and how they would tell it.

Creator IG: @kungfubennydrewthat

3 prints without frame each 8.5 x 11

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