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Unlawful Luxury

Heartfelt Investments Quilted Vest

Heartfelt Investments Quilted Vest

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A word from the creator: I AM Master Creator, I was asked what is my favorite medium of art. My answer was simple, the entire process of creating is what I love about art. Life is art, art is life when you are a true creative. The fact is
God bestowed upon me the gifts of a creative mind & hands to paint pictures for those who cannot mentally or physically visualize in artistic frequencies. I create because I have the permission to.

Any piece of artwork I am blessed to touch or be involved with to me means legacy, love, life, and
oneness with the divine in which we all were created from.

Why I create is because there are those that watch, those that do, & those that are unaware. I AM a doer.
If not for those who initiated throughout the history of life how would anything have been accomplished?
Making my indelible imprints on history is my artwork using the Supreme knowledge & wisdom through creative expression. 

Made with sewing machine and letter patches

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