Meditating Is Simple

Meditating Is Simple

Peace and light. 

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What is meditation?
Glad you're deciding to take a mindfulness journey by looking into meditation. First off, meditation is not always sitting criss-cross, listening to whale songs, saying "ommmmmm" repeatedly. It's really giving all your attention to each breath that you take. It is the practice of giving your body and mind nourishment in the form of positive air flow. The key is to focus on nothing but the breath and making sure to catch yourself if your mind starts to wander about anything but. 
Reasons to meditate
Meditation has plenty of benefits. There is a reason cultures have practiced it for so long. Here are just a few examples of how meditation can benefit you:
  • Help you focus better 
  • Can calm down brain chatter 
  • Can relax your muscles 
  • Lower your stress levels

We are more than positive that these are things you want because we want them too! So let's get into how to meditate.

How to meditate

Note: It is important to find a private place you will not be disturbed. Music is optional as well as guided meditation.

1.) Sit down.

Meditating is typically done while sitting. Feet firmly flat on the ground or criss cross. 

2.) Set a timer.

To get into the habit, start with 5 to 10 minute practices. 

3.) Conduct a body scan.

Recognize the parts of your body starting at the head down to the toes. This brings you in the present. 

4.) Breath.

This is the most important part to pay attention to. In the nose and out the mouth. Make sure each is a deep breath where you fully feel the sensation. 

5.) Catch your mind.

While mediating you are supposed to think about nothing but your breath. But when your mind does start to wonder do not get frustrated just gently nudge yourself back into your focus. You will improve this skill as you continue to practice meditation. 

6.) End with gratitude.

When your meditation session is up, end it with saying out loud something you are grateful for. There's a lot of things to be stressed about. After lowering your stress by meditating make sure to remind yourself a reason why your still able to smile. 

What you know now

You know what meditation is and the basic benefits it can have on your mind and body. You know how to meditate and what to do when your mind begins to wonder during meditation. You also know how to end your session on a positive note. There is no specific amount of times you should meditate but we suggest trying 2-3 times a week and see how you feel about your everyday. Happy meditating!


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