Kentucky's New Bill: The End of Inclusion Programs??

Kentucky's New Bill: The End of Inclusion Programs??

Peace and light. 

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Recently, a new bill was passed in the Kentucky Senate to slowly obliterate funding for all DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) offices in public universities, including the University of Louisville. This came after Republicans fought for the opinion that DEI programs do more harm than good. Their argument was the DEI concept discriminates us even more from each other and has turned out a failure.

The argument from Democrats was DEI helps people and students on campuses feel more included. They feel this will directly affect Black, BIPOC, and LGBTQ communities. The concept is meant to serve those people who are overlooked and not fully supported by their community. 

This bill will throw a wrench in scholarships and programs that are meant to help specific minority groups. This comes as a slap in the face after Mitch McConnel announced he will be stepping down as Minority Leader and retiring from the state senate. The senator's announcement sparked a new age of hope in the republican state. Hope that we are on the horizon for more inclusive and peaceful days.

DEI has had struggles since its inception with being recognized as something we need in this country. Especially in republican states like Kentucky. At the end of the day, DestinedGen will continue to always support all programs, concepts, and ideas that make everyone feel included. Because everyone deserves to be heard and seen. Our biggest question is how will this affect our local creatives and upcoming?

How does this new bill passing make you feel for the future? Comment!

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