Emotions In Tune

Emotions In Tune

Peace and light. 

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We all love what artists and creators produce. How many of us have stared at or listened to a work that spoke to us for what felt like hours? Doing our best to understand the message the creator is trying to convey. It is no secret creators use their work to express themselves. But how many of us consider what that artist has gone through to create such a work we adore?

. The urban stigma is that creators are crazy, to put it bluntly. The land of the mind is a place they tread more often than others. They are more in tune with their emotions and focus more on conveying feelings than anything else. So can we blame them if they seem a little ‘crazy’? 

Famous cultural artist, Jean-Micheal Basquit, has created works that have been considered ‘different’ or ‘crazy’. When he started, he stood in the face of racial inequities that affect many BIPOC creators still today. However, not many know the famous artist was kicked out of the house at the age of 15 by his father for smoking weed. Can you imagine what it’s like being homeless at 15 and being out in the world at that age? Next time, you see a Basuiqt piece remember the creator’s story. 

Next time you see any creator's work of art, think of their story. Particularly, if you can reach out and ask them yourselves. Too many creators get their praise only after they have passed on. There are so many beautiful creations by local artists around you. As we become more aware of mental health, let’s try and take into account the therapy presented as the artwork we come across around our city. 

DestinedGen is working to bridge the gap between creators and the lovers of their work. We sell items crafted by local BIPOC creators and we are committed to conveying the creators' message to the public. A work of art has a lot to say if you read it closely. 


If there are any creators we work with whose story you would like to hear or commission, let us know. We are happy to connect!

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