15 Ways to Feel Less Crazy

15 Ways to Feel Less Crazy

Peace and light. 

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Note: We are not medical proffesionals. Suggestions depend on the individual. Consult with your doctor or read labels before consuming any supplements.
The fact that your reading this tells us that your mind kinda looks like the image above. All fuzzy and jumbled up. Makes it hard to get things done doesn't it? Filled with a lot of intrusive negative thoughts? You need a mental health booster! Luckily we have gathered and are going to give you 15 ways to help settle your fuzzy mind and boost your mental health. Here they are:
1.) Meditate. Meditating is a great way to clear chatter in the brain. Learn the basics of meditation in our other article "Meditating is Simple". 
2.) Talk. Letting your jumbled up mind's thoughts leak out by talking can relieve a lot of pressure on yourself. 
3.) Take a bath. Try taking a soothing bath with epsom or bath salts. 
4.) Light a candle or incense. Aromatherpy is no joke. Having your space smelling pleasant can defeinilty improve your energy. 
5.) Start your day with a good drink. Coffee is linked to helping with depression. If you don't want caffeine then try green tea, a fruit smoothie, water or another good-for-you drink. 
6.) Take the leap. If you're feeling overwhelmed about a task just take a leap and do the first step. Then the next and so on one at a time. 
7.) Do less. You do not need to do more to feel better. Sometimes honing in on the few things we already have on our plate is better than doing nothing.
8.) Disappear for a little while. The reason you don't hear from some friends or family in awhile is not always because their fake. They may have just taken a break from society to clear their mind of its expectaions. Try it and see how you feel.  
9.) Try some omega-3 acids. Omega 3 fatty acids can help with depression. Taking fish oil supplements or eating flaxseeds, nuts, and wild salmon can do the trick. 
10.) Take a walk. Old-timey we know but it really helps to move your body and look at nature. 
11.) Get in the sun. Vitamin D hitting our skin and sunlight in our eyes can improve your mood greatly. The sun is the source of life so doesn't it make since that it's rays will make you feel better? 
12.) Listen to music. Listening to music can be stimulating but remember that what we allow our brains to listen to has an affect on us. Try to avoid sad, aggressive, or triggering music. 
13.) Sleep in a cool room. The optimal temperature for a room is 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit for a good night's sleep. 
14.) Spend time with friends. That is what they are there for and sometimes we forget. But our friends chose to be our friends knowing we wouldn't be okay 100% of the time. You might not want to burden your friends with your problems but we say go ahead and do it. 
15.) Go to therapy. We said this last because not everyone can afford to go. But there are programs with free counseling, hotlines, people who will listen for free, teachers, counselors, mentors, you name it. A person doesn't need a degree to be able to help you. Seek help where you could find it. 
What you know now
You know 15 ways to boost your mental health and settle your jumbled up fuzzy mind. You know that it isn't as hard as you thought to get yourself out of your funk and there are more ways than you thought to do it. You also know DestinedGen is here to help because we have been there before and sometimes still go there. We hope you ease your mind, find the happiness in the little things, and have a great week!
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